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SAHABT Software, stronger now with the new Experilabs!

We have great news to share with you today. As SahaBT Software, we have been in the field for over thirteen years, working hard to reach our goals.

Our strength comes from our clients from all over the world and our dynamic team who believes in innovation, sustainability, quality consistency, and last but not least, SahaBT Software.

To us, success means hard work. It means the ability to take responsibility, happy employees, and happy clients. Based on that approach, we are growing every day, advancing in every aspect of technology.

So are our dreams and visions. As SahaBT Software, we are happy to share our new brand name with you:

Welcome, Experilabs!

We will continue providing you with the best service with our expert team.

While we will keep using “SahaBT Software” in our corporate identity, our new brand name will be more visible in our marketing and communications.

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