Managed Software Development Service (Dedicated Team)

Managed Software Development Service (Dedicated Team)

In today’s dynamic business environment, managing and retaining top talent while working on complex software projects can pose significant challenges to your organization’s growth. 

With Experilabs’ Managed Software Development Service (Dedicated Team), we focus on freeing you from these obstacles and enhancing your success.

In other words, we help companies accelerate and streamline their software development processes. While you focus on the outcomes of the software product you want to develop, we provide you with all the human resources you need and manage the software development process for that need.

Focus On Your Business Vision, Not Your Teamfocus On Your Business Vision, Not Your Team

We provide you with a ready-made team of skilled professionals, allowing you to focus on bringing your business vision to life. See how we empower your success:


Flexibility (Agile Scaling)

Do you need more developers tomorrow? No problem. We seamlessly adapt your team size to project demands, ensuring optimal speed and efficiency.

Perf. Opt. and Workforce Man.

Our expertise goes beyond staffing. We continuously monitor and develop your team’s skills, maximize productivity, and deliver successful outcomes.

Simplified Cost Control

Forget about payroll, benefits, and HR hassles.
We handle all financial obligations, so you can focus on your profit margins.


Personnel changes won’t disrupt your progress. In case of personnel loss, we can quickly assign new team members from our extensive talent pool, minimizing knowledge loss.

Always the Right Expertise

Whether you need software developers, test specialists, project managers, DevOps engineers, or data experts, we provide the perfect match for your specific needs.

We are more than just a staffing provider; we are your strategic partner in achieving software excellence.
Start working with us today and see your software development goals become reality.

Our Working Method

Our Managed Team service offers a collaborative approach to software development.

Seamless Collaboration: Working closely with you, we understand your vision and goals. Open communication ensures perfect alignment at every stage.

Expert Management: Our experienced team handles all aspects of development, from resource allocation to project delivery, providing you with peace of mind.

By choosing our Managed Software Development Service, you can say goodbye to the burdens and challenges of:

Recruitment Issues

Stop spending time and resources finding, interviewing, and hiring software development talent. We handle recruitment for you.

Staffing Concerns

Forget about managing team sizes, resolving turnover issues, or worrying about skill gaps. We seamlessly handle all staffing challenges.

Administrative Overhead

Eliminate the complexities of payroll, benefits, and HR management. While we take care of the financial and administrative aspects, you focus on your core business.

Staff Turnover Delays

Staff turnover won’t hinder your progress. With our deep talent pool, we provide immediate backfill, minimizing knowledge gaps and project delays.

Team Structure

Our Managed Software Service offers a custom team structure designed to optimize your software development and maintenance processes.

Development Team

This group consists of skilled individuals specializing in different areas of the software lifecycle.

Technical Leader

Provides overall technical direction, leads architectural discussions, and ensures code quality.

Frontend Developer

Focuses on the user interface, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

Backend Developer

Deals with server-side logic, ensuring seamless data processing and communication.


Defines the most appropriate solutions by analyzing complex requirements, user needs, and existing systems.

QA Tester

Identifies and fixes defects by performing rigorous testing to guarantee the software’s functionality, performance, and security.

DevOps Engineer

Ensures efficient software delivery and management by automating the development and deployment process.

Project Manager

This role serves as your single point of contact and oversees the entire development process

Plan and Project Man.

Organizes and coordinates the activities of the development team to meet deadlines and project goals.

Staffing Management

Manages, motivates, and ensures team members have the resources and support they need.

Performance Management

Evaluates all team performance and individual contributions for continuous improvement.

Transition Management

Manages team changes and ensures smooth knowledge transfer (for all team members) when necessary.


Provides regular progress reports and updates on project status, resource utilization (Technical Leader, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Senior Analyst, QA Tester, DevOps Engineer), and key performance indicators.

Tailored Expertise for Your Success

Our Managed Software Service seamlessly integrates the expertise of your development team with the leadership of a dedicated project manager to deliver efficient software development, deployment, and ongoing maintenance tailored to your specific needs.

Our Managed Software Service;

Tailored Expertise for Your Success

Our Managed Software Service seamlessly integrates the expertise of your development team with the leadership of a dedicated project manager to deliver efficient software development, deployment, and ongoing maintenance tailored to your specific needs.

Scalable and Customizable Team Structure

Our Managed Software Service is designed to optimize your software development and maintenance processes by offering a scalable and customizable team structure. This dedicated team can be adapted to your unique requirements and adjusted throughout the project lifecycle.

Here’s how it works:

Scalability: The size of each development team (technical leader, frontend developer, backend developer, senior analyst, QA tester, DevOps engineer) can be increased or decreased based on project complexity and your budget.

Resource Sharing: To optimize costs and ensure efficient utilization of our expertise, we can share certain resources, such as project managers and technical leads, across multiple projects.

Flexible and Responsive Approach

With our flexible and responsive approach, we strike the perfect balance between expertise and cost-effectiveness for your team's specific needs.

Lets Write the Future Together

Our Managed Software Service represents the future of software development, empowering you to:

Focus on your core business

Let us handle the complexities of software development, allowing you to focus on your strategic goals and objectives.

Accelerate project delivery

Our dedicated teams and streamlined processes ensure rapid software development and deployment, enabling you to stay ahead.

Reduce costs and optimize expenses

Our team structure, combined with our expertise in resource optimization, helps you control costs and maximize ROI.

Enhance software quality and reliability

Our rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures ensure that your software is bug-free, secure, and meets your highest standards.

Reduce costs and optimize expenses

By leveraging our expertise and tailored solutions, you can gain a competitive edge in your industry and achieve sustainable growth.

Partner with Experilabs for Managed Software Development Excellence

At Experilabs, we are passionate about helping businesses achieve their software development goals through our Managed Software Service. Our experienced team, proven methodologies, and commitment to quality make us the ideal partner for your software development needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Managed Software Service can help you transform your software development processes and achieve your business objectives.

The Future of Software Development Awaits

Embrace the future of software development with Experilabs’ Managed Software Service and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.