Managed Services Success Story – KeepnetLabs

Experilabs saved us 8 months in 2022!


In 2022, when we focused on growth, we shared our technological development process and goals with Experilabs. The “Managed Service” model they presented to us attracted our attention. For our two new modules that we want to add to our SaaS product, we have decided to move forward with this model, in which they managed the software development and human resources processes, while we could focus completely on business goals in isolation from extra stressful processes such as turn-overs in the sector. During the process, the maximum cooperation of the ExperiLabs team with our corporate culture and corporate policies made us feel safe.

As a result, we achieved to save 8 months with the managed service model in 2022 which was quite significant and we also recorded 200% growth during the year. I would like to thank the “Experilabs Managed Service” team, who helped us to achieve our goal in this process.

Ozan UCAR, Founder

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