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What Is Manage Service? How Does It Work?

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Our Manage Service service is our collaborative working model, where our customers delegate their technical personnel management processes to us and focus on their own business. In this model, an agile team is created according to the demand of our customer. And with this agile team, our client’s software development process is advanced.

What do we add to our customers with this model?

We provide our customer with a dedicated agile team. This team works completely devoted to our client’s business. It does not take tasks from other projects.
We manage and report SDLC processes. With our Manage Service team, we carry out SDLC processes with the appropriate project management methodology and provide our customers with detailed reports on the process at the end of the sprint and at the end of the month.

We ensure that the communication is one-stop. Thus, our customer can manage the related Manage Service team by communicating with 1 person, away from the complexity of team management and focus on the work itself.

We provide Turn-Over management. We manage the necessary search & selection processes with our strong field team and ensure that possible separations from the team are overcome without loss. In this way, our customer can search for personnel, interviews, backup plans, etc., which are out of his focus. It does not waste time with turn-over management tasks.

We proceed completely transparently. We determine the people who will take part in the team with our customer. We do not make changes to the team without the knowledge of our customer.

We are open to collaboration. We can include the technical personnel requested by our customers in our management service team. We follow them in our reporting as if they are part of our own team.

In this model, we expect only the following from our customers;
Creation and prioritization of the work list. After this stage, our team undertakes all necessary software SDLC processes to complete the work.

You can contact us for more information about our “Manage Service” model.

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