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Experiablabs Partners With Outsystems

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As Experilabs, while we continue to offer turnkey and human resources solutions to our customers with our experience in software development, we are researching new current technologies that can meet the expectations of our customers “fast solution, easy development, ensuring continuity” and we are trying to offer solutions in this regard. In the past months, we announced our first business partnership in data warehousing in this sense.

In this direction, we crossed paths with Outsystems, the leader in the LCAP (Low Code Application Platform) category in Gartner reports. Before reaching Outsystems, we POC’d and experienced similar platforms and decided that it was the most suitable in terms of capacity, feasibility and usability to meet the needs of our customers.

Thus, we started our work for cooperation and became partners in a short time. Now we are preparing to offer solutions to our customers in this sense.

After the trainings we have received, you will be surprised when we tell you that Outsystems serves a much more comprehensive and wider area than the known Low Code platforms.

You can write to us to discuss,

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