Handover Service

What is it and How to Achieve a Successful Project Handover?

Handover service is the process of receiving a completed software development project from an external company and transferring it to an internal team. This service is beneficial for companies that lack the necessary expertise or resources to handle software development in-house.

For A Successful Project Handover:

  • Planning: The handover plan is the most crucial step in the process. It should outline the handover timeline, tasks, responsibilities, and communication plan.
  • Communication: Maintain open and transparent communication among all parties involved.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Provide comprehensive knowledge transfer to the receiving team regarding the project and system.
  • Training: Offer necessary technical and process training to the receiving team.
  • Testing: Conduct thorough testing of the system once the handover is complete.
  • Support: Provide ongoing support to the receiving team even after the handover.

Experilabs' Handover Service:

Process Identification Phase: We evaluate the business model, users, development plans, and technical debt.

  • Update the project plan.
  • Identify and prioritize task lists.
  • Establish the team structure.
  • Initiate the development process.
  • Gradually reduce the Experilabs team while expanding the client team.
  • Complete knowledge transfer and training.
  • Transfer project and technical leadership to the client.
  • Provide ongoing support as needed.

Benefits of Our Handover Service:

  • Save time and money.
  • Enhance your software development expertise.
  • Utilize the service when you need time to build your own team.
  • Increase your project’s success rate by working with a trusted partner.
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